SDL-BK1 Mr Porter’s Painted Walls Hardcover Book - Now Available!

SDL-BK1 Mr Porter’s Painted Walls Hardcover Book - Now Available!

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About the book
Mr. Porter's Painted Walls is an introduction to American folk artist, Rufus Porter (1792-1884). He was an itinerant painter, prolific inventor and founded the magazine, Scientific American. Known as "The Yankee DaVinci" Mr Porter held patents for inventions from airships and labor saving farm tools to wind mills. Hundreds of his artworks survive today in the form of murals and portraits. We meet him through Rose, a creative and curious child who loves to draw. Mr. Porter is hired by her parents to paint a mural in their home on the village green. The 1830s New England village is buzzing with excitement about the traveling painter who has sailed to Hawaii and traveled from Vermont to Virginia. He inspires young Rose to see herself as an artist and his beautiful mural transforms their home.

Written and illustrated by artist Susan Leach who has been painting murals in the spirit of Porter throughout the United States for over 25 years. This book was inspired by her wish to share her knowledge of Porter with her granddaughter Rose, and future generations of young readers. Hardcover. 38 pages.

About the author & artist/illustrator
Susan Leach is a New England artist who has been an itinerant mural painter in the style of Rufus Porter for over 25 years. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband Bill. They both appreciate American history and work together to create artwork in the spirit of their early New England ancestors. She loved reading stories and painting with her children Greta, Elsa and Peter who are all grown up now and with Rose, her granddaughter, who is the model and inspiration for this book.
Susan knew she was an artist as early as she can remember and was fortunate enough to be encouraged by her parents and teachers. She graduated with a BFA in Painting from the Hartford Art School in 1991. She loved being a Mom and much of her artwork includes images of home making in colonial America and in Mid century suburbia. Susan is a prolific painter creating artwork from her heart to delight!