PK- The Primitive Keeper ™ Soy Jar Candles

PK- The Primitive Keeper ™ Soy Jar Candles

Made in the USA

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Our Primitive Keeper™ Jar Candles, made right here in Maine, are individually hand-poured, made of 100% soy wax with cotton wicks & scented throughout (not just the top layer) with custom blended fragrances. A coordinating color image on the front completes the look.

Primitive Keeper™ soy candles will fill your home with delightful fragrance and create a warm inviting look that will complement any decor. Each candle burns completely, no tunneling; giving you a candle that is worth the money.  

No more black soot getting all over your walls and ceilings.  Each 16oz Jar has a burn time of approximately 100 hours.

Soy is a renewable resource and its use supports U.S. farmers and other American businesses.

Choose from the following scents:
Apple Caramel Butter
Beach House
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Buttered Maple Syrup
Coconut Mango
Colonial Kitchen
Cranberry Marmalade
Fall Harvest [Orange, Grapefruit & Clove]
Farmer's Market (Apples, Sweet Peaches, Vanilla & Cinnamon)
Fresh Lemons
Fresh Picked Strawberries
Gingered Bergamot
Grandpa's Lilacs
Home Sweet Home [Cinnamon, Clove and Vanilla]
Hummingbird Kisses [Honeysuckle]
Laundry Day (Fresh Linen)
Lemon Sugar Cookie
Maine Woodsmen (Pine, Clementine, Vetiver, Sandlewood & Sequoia Woods)
Mermaid Kisses [Sugared Citrus]
Mint Mojito
Olde Homestead (Oatmeal Cookies)
Orange Clove
Orange Caramel Coffee Cake
Pineapple Cilantro
Spiced Cranberry
Sweet Pea
Wild Maine Blueberries