MKM-B1 The Forbidden Truths of Grace O'Malley by MK Moulton

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*** A must read by our dearest friend, Mark Kimball Moulton ***

The Forbidden Truths of Grace O'Malley
Dark Lady of the Irish Seas
by MK Moulton

A tale of Olde Ireland steeped in history, myth and mystery, everlasting friendships and the love for all mankind.

It's been said that she's not truly of this world.
She is thought to be a selkie, a half seal~half human being from the sea, who, in her latter form, will never age beyond maidenhood.
But this is forbidden to speak of.
What is known for certain is that Grace O'Malley enjoys a privileged youth as the daughter of a clan chieftain in 16th century Ireland, but is forced to endure much brutality and heartache before ultimately transforming herself into one of the most feared and revered pirates of all time.

It is her Destiny.
And Destiny will be honored.

Paperback - 424 pages.

Award winning Author/Photographer/Painter MK Moulton is a born and raised New Englander. He currently resides in a sweet cottage near the sea. He is the author of numerous children's books and his photography can be found on calendars, prints and greeting cards. To learn more about Mark and his work please visit his Facebook page here.