GI-13 Medium Plaster Tombstone Angel

GI-13 Medium Plaster Tombstone Angel

Made in the USA

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Hang our lovely Tombstone Angel over a door frame, window or favorite vignette and expect a thousand smiles from family and friends. Hand-crafted in CT of Plaster from a rubbing of an old Tombstone from New England cemeteriesTombstone Angel measures 11"w by 7½"h.

The original gravestone from which this Angel was cast read as follows - 

“In Memory of memory of Lydia & Jemmia daughters to Doc Stephen Payn & Jemmia his wife. Lydia died Decb 14, 1773 in ye 6th year of her age. Jemmia died Jan 18, 1776 in ye 3rd year of her age.” "Death is a dedt to nature due, which we have paid & so shall you."