EJS-83 Pottery Puzzle Jug with Quote

EJS-83 Pottery Puzzle Jug with Quote

Made in the USA

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A Puzzle Jug is a puzzle in the form of a Jug, popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Puzzle Jugs of varying quality were popular in homes and taverns. An inscription typically challenges the drinker to consume the contents without spilling them, which, because the neck of the Jug is perforated, is impossible to do conventionally.

Our Pottery Puzzle Jug measures 6½" wide with handle by 7½"h. Lead-free glaze. Proudly thrown in the USA.

"My form has puzzled many a fertile brain; the brightest wits my liquor could not gain, and still profusely spill it on the ground; the reason is no suction they have found. Now honest friend, advance they genius, try: Spill ne'er a drop and strain to drain me dry."